Nova Creations MfgNova Creations Enterprise Inc. is a registered DE corporation doing business in the metro New York area which prides itself on accomplishment & innovative ideas.

Our management team creates innovation to solve everyday solutions in the consumer marketplace. We conceptualize an idea, here in the United States, test it over and over beyond our satisfaction, prototype the product, then retest the product right from our Asian manufacturing production line. We ensure that we are not only giving you the best quality product that assist in your daily lives but of the highest integrity of material & craftsmanship.

Our management has over 40 years of engineering, business, and product development experience, so you know that our knowledge and expertise will be a product you can trust and rely on.

Nova Creations has many other aftermarket products coming to the marketplace. These products will surely be something you will be 100% satisfied with owning. Look for these products to soon hit the market. ( See the store location’s page- for listings of where you can purchase our products).

Look out for our introduction to our accessory product line. These accessories will enhance the ArmRestor™: the revolutionary adjustable/Slidable arm rest that offers the comfort of relaxing while driving and the benefit of organizing your too.

Keep visiting us to see the introduction of our new line of vehicle accessories and accessory items for the ArmRestor™. You can read about us in our press release about our new product releases; even signup at our newsletter menu and you will receive important information about us.